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Wedding Trip

I have been missing in action in the Dojang of late, in fact I was missing whole half way around the world! I spent the last couple of weeks in New Zealand with family to attend a wedding.  It was very much a family affair with quite a number of us flying out to Christchurch one weekend. We all had a lovely time.  My highlight apart from the wedding was seeing Sperm Whales from a plane. We had a new camera so our shots are not the best, but at least I got a whale tail on camera! We spent a couple of other days going to different places like Akaroa, Lyttleton, Diamond Harbour and Sumner.  We visited the Container Mall in Christchurch as well as the 'Wall' which opened whilst we were there.  My brother has helped to lay the paving for it amongst other things I believe. I hope to visit New Zealand again and I really would like to see all the sights.

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